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What is the Manchester CoderDojo?

Coder Dojo on 13th October 2013
Coder Dojo on 13th October 2013 at the Sharp Project. Minecraft (left), Web development from Mozilla (top right) and Python from CodeClub (bottom right). (Picture courtesy of Melissa Romaine from Mozilla)

Learn how to code, or if you already can, improve your skills. Build cool stuff, from games to websites to animations to apps. Meet people like you who are interested in the same sort of things.

CoderDojo is a worldwide network of young programmers and hackers, with over 100 dojos all over the world, from Cape Town, South Africa to Silicon Valley, California!

What do we do?


From the November 2014 CoderDojo we are experimenting using Minetest -- it is like Minecraft but much better for programming.

Take a look at the intro page: MineTest

When do we meet?

Upcoming events:

Details of what happened at past dates are here:

How to edit this wiki

Coder Dojo on 7th July 2013
Coder Dojo on 7th July 2013 at the Sharp Project

This wiki does not permit anonymous edits but anyone who comes to our events can get an account. Speak to: Ben, Connor, Dave or Joe.


An earlier dojo, on 5th May 2013, was the birthday of two people there. It is well known that you only need a group of 23 people to have a 50% chance that 2 people share a birthday. Can you write a program, in whatever language you like, to show this? How many people would you need to have a 99% chance that two people share a birthday?

Long term projects

From 28th July 2014, the Young Rewired State is running a Festival of Code, more info here.

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