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The project for Minecraft in the 14th September 2014 CoderDojo is building a Ghost Train in Minecraft.



You will need to find a partner to work together in teams. Each team is going to build one room in the Ghost Train. To build the room you can use any ideas you like. For example:

  • Building something with just blocks
  • Something more fancy with redstone
  • Command blocks
  • Your on computer program in python -- See below

When you first arrive make sure that you can connect to the server. Have a look around. Once everyone has arrived and is set up we'll get together to plan the building.

Set Up

The things you will need for this session are:

  1. A working copy of Minecraft running version 1.7.9
  2. Your favourite web browser -- Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE etc.

How To Get Started

  • Start Minecraft
  • Make sure you are running a profile in version 1.7.9. If you don't see "1.7.9." in the available profiles click "New Profile" to create one.


  • Press "Play" to play the game
  • Click "Multiplayer"
  • Click "Add server"
  • Put the server name as "Coderdojo"
  • Put the server address as "coderdojo.primaconsultancy.co.uk"
  • Press "Done"
  • Press "Join Server"

You should now be connected to the server. Remember this is a shared server so treat other people's creations with respect and don't break anything that you didn't make yourself.

Controlling Minecraft with Python

Writing python code to talk with minecraft has become a whole lot easier at this CoderDojo. All you need is your web browser.

Take a look at the python code machine in your browser here: http://coderdojo.primaconsultancy.co.uk:8888/

Next steps for making Minecraft work with python:

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