Coder Dojo/9th March 2014

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12th Manchester CoderDojo
Location Sharp Project
Time 11:00-15:00
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We'll be running a Minecraft table at the session. The Minecraft table is split into three parts:

  • If you're new then you'll need to set up your computer so you can start programming with Python and Minecraft. Instructions here: Minecraft Python 1: First Program
  • Once you've set up your computer you are ready to try Minecraft Python 2: Burglar Alarm
  • After you have those under your belt, how about teaming up with some of the other people at the CoderDojo to tackle a more challenging project. Here are some ideas, but you can make up your own as well

How Can I Help?

If you'd like to help as a mentor you would be very welcome. Here's how...

View on the website

See this past event on the Manchester CoderDojo website.

Time lapse video of the event is on YouTube

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