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Outline (from Dave)

- General turning up and milling around

- I'll run a quick session introducing things -- can I have one of those big TVs to play a Rube Goldberg video; I'll also demo the marble chute -> minecraft machine

- Say that they should pick an area that they want to build Rube Goldberg machine parts in:

   * Scratch
   * Minecraft
   * Ardunio/PureData
   * Python
   * Real world

- Say that we also need volunteers to set up Raspberry Pis to link the machine parts together

- Split off into groups each with mentors -- maybe get them to squads of 2s and 3s to work together

- The mentors help them build simple component parts

- Once they have a simple component part together buddy up with another squad and a raspberry pi person to see if they can glue two components together

- If they manage to do that then make their component more complex

In order for this to work we're going to need volunteer mentors for each of the following areas. How about we meet up an hour before the start to have a mentor intro?

Areas needing mentors -- please email!

   * Scratch
   * Minecraft
   * Ardunio/PureData
   * Python
   * Real world
   * Raspberry Pi glueing it all together

If you want to get involved further:

 * Post to the list here with questions, ideas suggestions
 * Take a look at the Trello:
 * Take a look at the gitHub:
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